eucass 2025 | 20th Anniversary | 11th European Conference for AeroSpace Sciences (EUCASS)

About the conference

Message from the President of EUCASS

Dear colleagues and friends,

It is my great pleasure, as the new president of EUCASS, to invite you to the 11th conference in the incredible city of Rome. Where could it be better to celebrate our 20th anniversary than in the eternal city?
Please save the date and start practicing your Italian…

The Conference Center is second to none, and we are blessed with an exceptional high level Local Organizing Committee, fully dedicated, around Sapienza University, with Finsterrae, Telespazio, C.I.R.A., Thales Alenia Space Italia, Italian Space Agency, Lazio Innova, Avio…

This conference, organized by the non-profit association EUCASS, is one of the best attended conference on aeronautics and space sciences. The conference was launched in 2004 by dedicated scientists and engineers from Western Europe and Russia. Previous issues have been held in Moscow (2005), Brussels (2007), Versailles (2009), Saint Petersburg (2011), Munich (2013), Krakow (2015), Milano (2017), Madrid (2019), Lille (2022) and Lausanne (2023). Lausanne gathered 720 delegates from 43 countries, and 100 Technical Sessions with 600+ presentations were organized.

EUCASS 2025 represents an exceptional opportunity to reach a uniquely targeted audience and demonstrate your commitment to the future of aeronautics and space. Do not miss this chance to position your organisation at the forefront. We trust your presence at EUCASS 2025 is vital for all players and invite you to join us preparing it. Your organization can participate at various levels.

We are fully open to your ideas and suggestions concerning session topics, mini workshops, exhibitions,… We are willing to work with you and satisfy your needs and expectations. Please feel free to contact us if there are any questions.

We will soon come back to you with details on the technical content and rely on you to build a global program comparable in interest to our last editions.

More to come, let’s keep in touch!


About eucass

EUCASS, the European Conference for AeroSpace Sciences, was created by European scientists and engineers to improve the vitality of their scientific communication, the quality of their technical activities and to stimulate exchanges between researchers and industry end-users worldwide. On July 6th, 2006, it became an International non-profit association under Belgian law. It is a member of the International Astronautical Federation.

EUCASS is a long-overdue initiative inspired from the “AIAA SciTech Forum” held annually in the USA. Its aim is to provide a unique and attractive forum for all aerospace research players on the European continent, only a few hours from home.