eucass 2025 | 20th Anniversary | 11th European Conference for AeroSpace Sciences (EUCASS)

The city of Rome

Why Rome?

Rome is renowned for its rich history and culture, making it one of the most beautiful and captivating tourist destinations. However, what may not be as widely recognized is the historical significance of Rome in the field of aerospace within Italy and Europe.
For nearly a century, Rome has been a hub for aerospace activities, dating back to the establishment of the aeronautical school for engineers and the Guidonia test facility, where pioneering advancements in compressible and especially supersonic flows were achieved even
before World War II. Distinguished scientists such as GA Crocco, A. Ferri, L. Crocco, and L. Broglio initiated their careers in the Rome region and subsequently became mentors to future researchers both in Rome and internationally.
Today, Rome and its surrounding areas continue to preserve this aerospace heritage, boasting one of the highest concentrations of companies and institutions operating in the fields of space, including Avio, Thales Alenia Space Italia, Telespazio, as well as numerous small and mediumsized enterprises among companies and the Italian Space Agency headquarters and the ESA/ESRIN site among institutions. Furthermore, Rome is home to one of Italy and Europe’s historic and largest aerospace engineering schools, Sapienza University.
There are several compelling reasons for selecting Rome as the host city for the conference.
These include the strong presence of both industrial and academic institutions in the aerospace sector, a significant number of anticipated Italian participants, the presence of national and international institutions, the cultural richness and beauty of the city, the availability of suitable venues for hosting the conference, and the potential for securing sponsorships.

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